How to how html Template on the page. Uipath Apps

Hey guys,

I am creating a Uipath App, in which i need to show an html template, i need to show this on the screen. I have 2 questions

  1. Is there any way I can show it on the screen when the html file is selected using file picker from the system?
  2. Once the file is selected , i am uploading it in to a storage bucket. I want show the file present in the storage bucket next time when the customer opens the app, and if the customer wants to use the same html file for the process he can use it and if he wants another file he can select a different one from the system.

Is there any way to impliment this, Please help

Hello @anit.michael,

HTML and Java script is not supported on UI Path apps page. If you have any external page then you can show into Iframe display control.

To achieve it may be you can host your HTML pages into some other server and you can call the Pages into Iframe to display.


I have tried to bind the html file with iframe, it is not showing the html file. But when i save the file in to storage bucket and get it again, and bind it to iframe it is showing the html template.