How to hold the screen that disappears whole indicating in uipath studio

Hi team,

I am trying to indicate the element which I get after entering the value in searchbox .but it got disappeared and also I tried using F2 button but still that window is getting disappeared.can u please help me in solving this issue as soon as possible.



Did you try using recording?


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So there’s an option while making the selection of using hoverable element selection that could be used by pressing the F6 key.

Using that you should be able to make the selection.
A combination of f6 and then f2 should be able to get you the desired selection.


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Hi ,

I tried using click activity and after that I clicked on f6 n then clicking on indicate element inside window.but it’s getting disappeared.

If i use recording it’s not showing the value which I am searching in search box


Can you please show a screenshot

If its like a drop down…try with right click or inspect the element and keep it open


No it’s no the drop-down button.its just a search box where we search for some application n need to click on that app name…but clicking on app is not happening it’s disappreaing


I understand its not a dropdown…its more like a dropdown…but cna you sahre a screenshot…did you try right click once it appears

or would keystrokes work?


Yes even if i use keystroke i am unable to indicate that perticular page …it goes

Hi, can u please help me in solving this issue…I can’t send u the screenshot as it is confidential.

Hi @Anil_G

Can u please help me solving this issue …i can’t send u the screenshot as well bcoz it’s confidential

Hi @Bhagyashree_S

Is it a web page?

No, it’s desktop application