How to hold Hotkey till some specific action is performed

Hi Everyone, I have some queries in my recent interview they have asked me these questions.

  1. How to hold Hotkey till some activity is performed (Ex : Ctrl ,Shift etc)

2)I’m working on a webpage it have 5000 data. we need to scroll down to load the data. I have some 5 matching data in between of 5000 data what is the best practice to do it. If i use hotkey to scrolldown page it will take lot of time any fastest methods to do it.

  1. In ReFramework - in Config – Constants sheet we have **MaxRetryNumber
    ** i have given count here 1 and in Queues i have set retry 2 times. If i get any exception while processing the record. How many times my process will retry.

Hey @Learner007

Does the behaviour of the webpage is like whether it loads the results only after scrolling?


Yes @Nithinkrishna

Hey @Learner007

You can use keydown approach here.

But still I’m not completely clear on why the key to be on hold for long time.


@Nithinkrishna if i use key down or scrolling it will take lot of time that website have some 3k-4k data so it will take lot of time. Is there any alternative way to get all data faster.

Sure @Learner007 can be tried.

But if you can post some snap of the site it will be bit easy to.

See this @Nithinkrishna