How to Hit Web Portal Button using Click Activity

When Trying to hit a View PDF button on a Web portal in loop the bot doesn’t hit the click event.Click%20Activity

Hi @ajay.tile

please change the selector with wild card * and check


i am using in for loop for many PO’s so the click activity does not work…
When using a view PDF button on single Po it works.
already use.

simple change the selectors select as aaname

Can you share your workflow (simple screenshot would work)?

Have you tried to select the “View PDF Button” outside of the loop?

Not Working in For loop.

Keep this click activity within GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity being inside the loop
And enable simulate click property in the property panel of click activity
Cheers @ajay.tile

i use the GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity but not working.

When you open the Selector Editor window and hit the Highlight button, is the right element highlighted?

Having you tried reloading the page, opening the Selector Editor window, and hit the Highlight button? Is the right element highlighted?

As @Palaniyappan mentioned, have you tried enabling the “Simulating Click” property?

Thanks for your continuous help.
I have explored all the options but they are not addressing my concerns
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