How to highlight specific string in Word Document when Message Box shows 'Incorrect'?


I have a Word Document

I have to check if the question numbering orders are correct. If Message Box shows ‘Incorrect’, I want the question number to be highlighted.


Question 1
Question 2
Question 4

I am able to check if the question numbering orders are correct. For example when it reach Question 2, the Message Box will show ‘Correct’.

When it reach Question 4, the Message Box will show ‘Incorrect’. I want to highlight the string Question 4.

Is it possible to use Highlight activity to highlight the specific string ?

Thank you

We can highlight the string using Highlight activity.

Hi @Teja_L,

Thanks for your reply!

I do not want to manually highlight the specific string
Is there a way for the Highlight activity to automatically highlight the specific string when the Message Box show ‘Incorrect’ ?

Thank you

Hi @Ying_Zhen_Lee

You can use the find function in word and search for the Question. It will get selecte automatically

Hi @Sarath,

I have tried to use Find Text Position activity and Highlight activity in Anchor Base.

However it did not work. It show this error


Sorry I have to cover part of the text information

Is there any part that I have done wrong?

Thank you