How to highlight elements (data structured) in a website?


A webpage contains a structured data (each row contains 5 elements) that I can get using “data scraping”.

What I want to achieve is to highlight the second element of each of the rows that fits some condition (for instance, 5th element is null).

How could i do it?

By using selectors You can achieve this
By Using find element and Highlight u can highligt whatever you want…


I already know that, but i was asking something more specific.

first check the selectors for second element of row which are on web by just selecting one of them according to that u will increment that row no by selecting row and column attributes.
So if you want to check is there data available or not then use get text and then by using if condition check is it null or not . As per requirement use find element and Highlight.
Look without knowing the webpage and their selectors i cant give you entire solution .
Hope it will help.

Happy Automation!!!
Prathamesh Patil.