How to have UIPath quickly press "enter" over and over again in a loop

Trying to have the Bot essentially have the same action as if the user was “holding down enter”.

Currently I have it where its sending a hotkey of “enter” if the window box is still present. While it is working, its speed is significantly slower than if a human user was holding down the enter key.

Thanks for the help!

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Fine you can get the same speed of how a human does by enabling the property like sendwindowmessage in send hot key activity property
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The default DelayBefore and DelayAfter is 300ms. Change it to 0.

The reason is sendwindowmessage property will actually interact with target application and will enable you to act faster than the default method …buddy @Kylealden15
To make it more faster as decrease the TimeOutMS to 0 which is actually 30 seconds
And delay after to 0 which is actually 200 millisecond
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This worked perfectly. Thank you for the advice!

Much appreciated! @Palaniyappan

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Cheers @Kylealden15

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