How to have program shortcut icon open script along with robot

Hi expertise,
I want to have a script that works with a specific program open when I lunch that robot with the program’s shortcut icon. Is it possible to have your robot in a icon.

I don’t understand what you mean exactly, as per my understanding, you want to run a bot on double clicking like a application? Am I right @Kuenzang?

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Hi @HareeshMR
Yes, like when i double click chrome app, it will open chrome browser, likewise I would like to have one icon, when double click it will run the robot.
So is it posible?

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Yes, We can create a executable file for one particular robot to do that task. Here is the link which helps you for this @Kuenzang

And can you let me know why don’t you use orchestrator for the same so if you click run on the robot tray, it will start executing the process?


Hi @HareeshMR
I am trying it to do in simple way, don’t need to login to orchestrator or go to the robot tray and run the robot.
The link you have share, i have tried that one but its giving error i have edited the path, and error says, path not found.

Have you replaced the workflow path in the vbs script I shared with your workflow path?

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Yes I did change the workflow path.

You need to provide the path of workflow file in the file @Kuenzang

Can you try that?

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Hi @HareeshMR
Yes I did that. Isn’t the workflow path given in the image correct?

You are giving the path of project.json file, I mean to give the path of xaml file you have @Kuenzang

I gave that one also. Same error

Can you please check with some other workflow and check if that is working?

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Its giving the same error sir.

That should work for sure @Kuenzang

Can you give a last try like, placing the entire project folder in some other drive except C and then provide the path

Still same issue sir :frowning:

It was really strange issue @Kuenzang

Please check if you have uipath located in this location

"C:\Users" + your username + “\AppData\Local\UiPath”

Yes it is.
The given path is correct.