How to have an input argument inside uipath asistant with dropdown input

I want the Month input argument is using dropdown like january, febrary march, etc.


Argument named “DropdownSelection” of type String.

Add an “Input Dialog” activity.
Label: “Select an Option”
Options: “Option 1;Option 2;Option 3”
Result: DropdownSelection

Use the “DropdownSelection” argument in your workflow as needed.

Currently the following datatype are supported for offering an adapted input editor:

taken from:

tankyou but i mean i want the dropdown inside the UiPath assistant like this:

i want the month input has the dropdown input not text like that :

so right now i cant use drop down inside UiPath assistant right?

It depends on several factors and user acceptance:

  • use datetime as DataTaype
  • let offered a datepicker and let select any date from the month
  • use the passed date and extract the month part

However, it depends if this workaround will be accepted or not by the user

as from docu this feature is not listed, so we rate it currently as not offered

its a nice idea when we only choose to pick 1 month like we want to choose january or we want to choose april. but inside my dropdown i want to have 1 more option. its called “all”. all mean i choose all month from january to december. so i want my dropdown has 13 option. All, jan, feb, march, etc. do you have any idea ?

i want has input argument called month just like the picture that have 13 option. (All, Jan, Feb, March, April, May, Jun, July, September, October, November,December)

i want the user cant pick between 13 option. but the user can pick it before they run the program. just like that before we start the program from asistant that’s why i need month argument that changeable by the user. but still we need 13 option to make the user more easier to pick

As already mentioned:

Workarounds could be

  • string /
  • int 0=All, 1=Jan…
  • checkbox / checkboxes

but also mentioned

Same statement also for offering a second form / input option after start via assistant

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