How to handle warnings in a web browser


I am doing some work on a web browser and i want to handle popup warnings.

I am using the robot to run through a website. It has to choose between 4 different codes for each costumer. (See picture below)

I want the robot to choose the first code every time. If the costumer already has a transfer in that code i want the robot to try the next code. All the way up to the fourth code. If a costumer has a transfer in that code, a popup appears.
The popup looks like this.

How can i handle the popups, and get the robot to try the next code if a warning appears?

I hope someone can help.

Hi @anon53238024,

For each warning scenario, use element exist activity to whether the dialog box exist or not.
If the element exist, you do the exception handling over there.

The thing is that i want the robot to continue if there is no warning. So if there is no warning on code 1, i want the robot to proceed the process. Do i have to use a flowchart with some if activities?

You can use either sequence or flowchart, the decision is up to you. But you definitely have to use if condition in it.

hi @anon53238024,

try to check col,row value in the selector for first code,assume col val=1 and row val=1 for the first code,incase the thepop up comes increment the row value of the selector such that the robot will click on the next code.

aaname=‘Code’ tableCol=‘1’ tableRow=‘2’

you can increment the row value by passing a variable with the default value 1.

The problem is that i am using click image and not click. Therefore I cannot use the selector. I am using click image because the click activity is having problems in this web browser.

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