How to handle update data into the dynamic field

i would like to update data in application but field position is dynamic as per the attached pictureEvent1 ![Event2|675x292] (upload://diNFTMnSCEqu8O42tcxVYIcgu4.jpeg) .How to handle it. thanks.

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Is this windows or web apps. @natchakrit

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It’s windows app. @pattyricarte
Thanks in advance.

you should pick a field and try to edit it, as you will see what was the selector needed to identify it, afterwards you will detect which part of the selector will need to be made dynamic…

Thanks let’s me try, but not sure my understanding to apply with my application

.To set dynamic selector, how i should do to find title transfer field because there is not “title transfer” state in selector editor part. thanks.

@natchakrit I can see in the Selector the Text Contains value as “Tiitle Transfer”, you can use the Text as dynamic variable to match what you want to Update and check if it is working