How to handle unexpected pop up in automation

how we can handle popup while doing automation.

Use element exist actity


If the pop ups are random then use global exceptionhandler …or if at specific points then use check appstate and proceed accordingly


You just have to understand when and where they could appear, wait for a little bit to see if they might at the appropriate time and move on.

Most of the work with automation is understanding the architecture of the app and build up your knowledge of what to expect, though both initial feasibility into automating against an app, during development of the suite of navigation and exception handing functions you’ll build, playing with the all app to see what happens (invalid/missing data, etc) and of course extensive component, unit, system and user acceptance testing.

Once your first automation is done against an app you can expect to have most of the patterns of app behaviour down and be able to deal with most that it can throw at you.

No shortcuts but there never is.

can I use exception handler, because I don’t know when pop will come


Yes you can go with global exception handler and handle pop up there and then select retry from global exception handler so that the process retries from the activity where it failed

It has options like retry,continue,ignore


if we know where pop-up is coming then only we can use element exist right. but in this case don’t know when it will come

ok, thank you

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