How to handle this scenario with Single and Multiple search records

Hi Everyone,

I have excel sheet and i am reading each row and search in the website. so for some cases the search return only 1 record

and for some cases there is more than one record.


so how to deal with this. If search returns more than 1 record so check all records in the returned list and if equal to row from excel then click that record and if not equal then don’t click.
In the scenario i have shared for multiple records there are 2 matched records so how to click both the records.

Thanks in advance.

Hello and good afternoon,

This could be solved by doing a data scrape on the web page to return a data table. From this you could compare your excel row to the scraped data table’s rows inside of a for each row activity and then use a dynamic selector if they match to click on the correct records. This would work for either case, the scrape would either give a table with one row or a table of multiple rows to look through for a match from your excel doc.

Thank you but this process is taking too much time also how to use dynamic selector ?