How to handle the below scenario

I have one dropdown (not a input box) from where I can select more than one option. I want those preselected options to clear for each loop. A cross mark is there for each option to clear it. and we are not sure how many options will be there preselected.


Please Assist.


Hi @BTanaji,

You can get which ones are selected by using datascraping in this field. Can you try?

If you can get it you can click the x selector next to each in a loop. In this way, you can make this place dynamic.

If the X selector can see the description next to it in the selectors, you can give it from within the table.


Identify the selector for each ‘X’ and use a while loop to keep clicking a dynamic selector - you might be able to use idx=‘1’ for example as when you remove the first one, the second one replaced the first one so idx=2 becomes idx=1 potenially.