How to handle technical exceptions like change in the website or change in any button or selectors no longer valid

I am using uipath enterprise framework. so my question is if change in the website,page or change in any button or selectors no longer valid, so the robot will retry for the maximum number of retries define in the config file. If the issue still persists then it will send a technical exception with the reason.
Please help me on this.

when the framework encounters a system exception such as a missing selector, it logs the message that accompanies that exception. Are you looking to carry out a specific action following the third attempt? send an email to a specified administrator perhaps?


Yes it will take screenshots of that screen where error came and will store it in Exception Screenshots folder. Check in output panel it will show that exception.

yes @ronanpeter exactly when the framework encounters a system exception i want to send an email with the reason (for example “selector of save button” is not valid.)

yes but i want to update status in the orchestrator with reason, not only the screenshots.

In the framework, “Process Transaction” phase, the ‘Finally’ Activity will be to ‘Set Transaction Status’.

Within this you’ll see the ‘Handle System Error’ step

You’ll see the step which takes a screenshot. If you have additional activities you wish the bot to do in such cases, such as send emails, add them here. This will ensure every exception is handled the same.

The way the Framework is built, if a system exception is encountered, the transaction is retried three times. If it still occurs, the Framework completes.

Don’t confuse this with Business Exceptions, which will be based on buisness logic you have added to your workflows. If a transaction encounters a Business Exception, the framework interates to the next transaction and continues to process the rest of the data.

Thank you @ronanpeter you explained very well !