How to handle Robo when SAP is not responding and need to kill the process through task manager manually

While doing some transactions in SAP, we are facing this issue.
Example, after clicking on a button where we can see SAP page is just loading and doesn’t responds. We have to kill the process from task manager manually.
This is not happening for every transaction. But sometimes its happening, we can’t go ahead with the next transaction.
Kindly help on this

Hi jayashree,

I’m thinking you could have a condition, if a certain amount of time is exceeded to Kill Process and go to the next transaction, else to continue the processing.

Maybe if you could upload a screenshot to see what activities are involved I could give you a more clear answer.

Hi Ovi,

When its getting hanged its not moving to the next activity even after giving timeout.
For eg after clicking one button SAP is not responding. And its not coming to catch block also to kill the process.

Try a Pick activity with 2 PickBranch inside. In first trigger add the Click activity, in the other add a delay. In the action of the second PickBranch kill SAP process and recover.
Might work with Parallel also.

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