How to handle random error pop-up in Java 6 based CRM


I’m currently trying to automate a business process in a Java 6 based CRM (no possibility to update).
Current behavior observes that: Internal server error occurs when trying to access certain (random) java objects. Error might occur before, during and after catching the selector

I was wandering on how to handle this situation as: parallel on element appear won’t work because the situation might occur before, during and after catching the selector , after its 1st occurrence the error appears as an active window in Access Bridge Explorer.

Notes: The application is desktop/window based and 60% off its objects can not be selected with UiExplorer but, instead, I’ve manually built the selectors using both UiExplorer and Access Bridge Explorer.

Hi @ftiberiu

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Would this solve your issue?

Also, I believe that you could design a small, local Try-Catch that will catch an exception when selectors in specific portion of your process fail and then check for that window pop-up. If it exists, it would close it and you could continue with the process.