How to handle popup which is not captured on screen

hi guys,

how to handle following popup, which is not captured on screen.
and browser running behind.

Hi @smita.mobifly,

You want to capture any data from the popup? Or just want to close it?

If you want to capture there are many ways to capture the data which is available in the forum …

Here is the link to capture:

And you want to close it simply, then use delay before and then use send hot key activity and pass escape or enter…


wanted to throw error on element appear , but element not captured at screen

Hi @smita.mobifly

  1. Find image exists activity and select this image and get the output from this activity and save it to variable of type boolean named out_boolean
  2. use a if condition and pass the above variable as a input like this
  3. if this condition gets passed it will go to the THEN part of if condition where we can use a send hot key activity and mention the key as enter

Thats all you are done
Cheers @smita.mobifly

unable to select image, browser running behind

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i didn’t get you buddy
you want to close this popup
you want to throw an exception when this popup appear and stop the execution
Cheers @smita.mobifly

want to throw an exception when this popup appear and stop the execution

Fantastic @smita.mobifly
place this workflow within a TRY CATCH block
simple after this popup appears, the process will get blocked and will go to catch block where you can use a log message activity mention the reason and terminate the workflow using terminate workflow…
Hope this would work
or kindly revert if any error occurs

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so did that work buddy @smita.mobifly

my workflow already in try catch block, but when this popup appeared, browser continuously running, nothing happen.

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Thats what buddy you would have kept the process in try block of try catch activity and if any exception occurs say because of this popup, it will go to catch block where you can mention the activity terminate workflow…which will stop the workflow
Cheers @smita.mobifly

Please try using On element or image appears activity.

hi ,

that i am saying, couldnt use this activity due element not captured at screen.
browser running behind, popup is not stable.

Use Attach window this will bring your browser to the top most and the use element exists.