How to handle Page not found error while opening browser


I have to open multiple links in a browser and download file from there.

But if the link after opening says --Page not found then i wish to send email to the respective person saying that this link is expired.


Use an element exists or get text activity to handle the response.

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@Cristian_Bardas thanks for the response.

can you please elaborate more as i am new to uipath


Use element exist activity which will return Boolean value i.e. True or False
Then Use if Condition and pass your Boolean variable if its True then use send mail activity saying that Link is expired.


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Take a look at the below example, you use the Element Exists activity to verify the present of an element on the screen. You can check, for example, if "page not found’ is present.System1_Login.xaml (22.8 KB)

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