How to handle optional screen in SAP using UiPath

I’m new to UiPath and is trying to test with SAP. I would like to know how I can handle those optional screens/popups in SAP.

In the past, I’ve been using UFT to record the screens and simply mark it as ‘optional’, but now I don’t seems to find similar function/option in UiPath. I would expect I need to manually handle it using the if-then construct but not sure how it can be done.


Hi @Francis_Luk
You can use Element exists activity to verify optional screens/popups and based on element exists output perform next step.

Thanks @pratikg

It works and I’ve also tried using the ‘Try-Catch’ activity which works equally well.

please close this query.

Sorry @pratikg, is it simply marking any of the reply as ‘Solution’ will close the query?

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