How to handle execution of multiple applications for each record from a queue?

Hi All

I have two applications that needs to be executed for each record from a queue. According to the RE framework it will process like for each transaction item it will process one app then second app then next record and so on.

But can it be made like for all the records it will first work on app1 then close it once done and start process all the records in the second app ?

You can accomplish this with the REFramework but you will need to make two projects, each with the REFramework. In the last steps in the first workflow (when everything is closing out) you can use a “start job” activity. This will call your second REFramework job in orchestrator. The downside is that you will need to make sure to pass the variables and make sure everything is correctly lined up and it it is hard to test because this requires orchestrator connection to function.

Another possible option is to call a 2nd REFramework workflow in the end of the first and pass it the information you were using.

Both of these could get a little messy but could accomplish what you are looking for.

@JosephNehl Thanks.
Well, so its not a good idea to do.

Using REFramwork this is true, it probably isn’t the best idea because you will have to loop through twice and it is not built for that.

However it is possible if there is a reason for why you would wish to accomplish this. For example if opening certain applications had a long overhead then it might not be a good idea if you had to close them after each transaction (however it would be an even better option to just keep them both open if possible).

From RE framework point of view its not right way.