How to Handle Exception

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This is Excel file. I want to read only Fare Column and if i try to get particular value i am getting it but if i change any value to any text value value or string value i am getting exception .
Any suggestion how to handle it will be appreciated .

Hi @Sahil_Garg,
i think it depends on what type of exception has thrown. please share detail.

please note: I’m not good at English…

Hi @Sahil_Garg :wave:

How are you trying to add text data to this column? Could you share your .xaml file? However, depending on how you are manipulating the column’s value, you should include it inside a try-catch block and handle the exception inside the catch block.

Thanks for Your Respone the problem is solved just have to say particular journey is not in service when fare value is changed .

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That’s awesome @Sahil_Garg :slight_smile:

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