How to handle exception in data scraping activity

I am trying extract a table content using data scraping activity. And pagination also selected. I am getting no data issue randomly in between of pagination. A simple one / two page refresh helps to render page properly.
I would like to know is it possible to trigger page refresh activity in data scrap activity or how to handle this exception.

Hi @moganrajn,

If the page number clicks then only the will fetch from the server means you can’t get the data using data scraping.

so, use data scrapping to get the data and using find children activity to get the elements using for each loop through it. inside click the page buttons and use data scrapping and append the data table into main table.


Hi @arivu96
I’m facing the same problem, but in my case there’s only Next button (no page number buttons).
So after scraping of some pages, exception occurs specifying no data, and execution stops
But if I click on refresh button immediately (manually), scraping continues and I need to click that refresh button for every next page.
In this process of clicking refresh button 4-5 times, it goes to the page where I need to enter captcha code,
So please could you help me in this.