How to handle dynamic web browser


I am new to UI path. I m trying to automate one application wherein when we click on a button there are two possibilities it can navigate to as per the login session (if logged in already, navigates to different page. If not, navigates to login page). How to handle this?

Hi @Suresh_Yetchina

Use element exists activity and check for some element in the login page,it will return a Boolean.

Put an if activity and based on the result do your process.


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Thanks @prasath_S for reply. But, element exists always returns false since I have not attached any of the new resulting windows and always checks happen on the parent window where there is no such element.

Scenario is
Has a Web page which is having a login button
On clicking on login button - a new window gets opened (old window with login button remains as is) which will show either login page or a already logged in/ homepage based on active session.

I want to automate such a way that my further actions would be according to the page it loads

@Suresh_Yetchina have you tried indicating any element on the newly opened page, if it finds any element on the page which successfully logged in then based on that we can do our actions.