How to handle click event if item position is changing?

I want to click on the searched item results, but for few items New (Highlighted below ) are coming on top and for few its coming in bottom, i want click on new whether its top or bottom so how to handle it?
Can someone please help me on this.

–We can use RETRY SCOPE ACTIVITY where in the lower part with element exists activity
select that NEW alone as a element with the activity ELEMENT EXISTS AND in the do part use a CLICK ACTIVITY and a SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as pgdn or down…
so that if the element appears it will click or will scroll down and then check for element and then click

Cheers @vaibhav2.chavan

@Palaniyappan - Just tried but there are two items with same name as “New” sorry i just realized.
But if it click on any item its fine because it will give me the same result.
I tried as you suggested but its not getting clicked on new also im not getting any error as well.

I’m using the correct activity right?


@vaibhav2.chavan you can use anchor base activity