How to handle blank data in a row of Excel sheet

I have an Excel sheet which contains 12 columns and more than 1000 rows but some columns value is missing and I want to write all the filtered values in new excel file. So please suggest me a solution so that I can fix this. It’s giving Null reference exception right now.CBCCICOMSConnectsDisconnects (5).zip (1.4 KB)

Hey @Asmit_Anand1

As per my understanding you wanna skip Blank cell contained rows ?


No i don’t wanna skip any blank row i have to copy each an every data to the new Excel file . I am comparing the present date with the column’s date if the match is found i have to copy every data even the blank one too.Please help me out i have to submit the workflow today only.
If u want i can upload my workflow too.
Thanks for fast reply

Look into this: - (3.3 KB)

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Rest upto you guys… even if i will not give sample many more to give :smile:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I need one more help, I want to read csv file and write into a database but this i have to do using cmd and there is a script which will upload data in the table of the database.So i have to execute that script and after reading the csv file.Please provide a hint :slight_smile:

I checked your workflow, using read CSV method i am also not getting any problem but when i am trying to read xlsx file using read range activity then it’s throwing null reference error.

Quick question your file is having .csv extention so why you will read it with excel though we can but still?


File i am downloading from the link may contain Exel or CSV file so i am checking the file type if it is csv then it will go inside if condition else inside else. So CSV file is working fine but for excel i am getting exception.

Hi Akash, If we want to skip the blank cell and and need logs of those missing cell by row and column.
How to do it.