How to handle application error in the nested xamls and log the same in orchestrator queue logs

Hi All,
I have not handled the technical error/application exception in my nested workflows.
could you please help me how to log now?
I have used try catch
in catch block ,system.exception has been chosen,
now how to take that exception to main file and log in orch queue as application exaction with message?

Pass one exception object as IN/OUT argument to the invoked workflows.

Set exception object to Null at the start of the workflow. In case of exception, catch the exception and assign to the argument passed.

In the main workflow, check whether exception object is null or not.
If null, no exception.
If not null, exception occurred and you get all the details from the exception object.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @Mansi_08

In the catch, if you use Rethrow Activity exception comes out from the child or nested workflow to the main workflow try catch block. Later you can put exception.message directly into log message activity in the catch block or you can assign the same into another variable for other purposes.