How to handle apostrophe in URL while making an API call

Hi all, i’m having an apostrophe in URL while making an API call .
I used %27 instead of apostrophe but response is empty.Please give a suggestion.
Thanks in advance.

%27 has to work, can you try the same in postman and check what is the response?

And what is the status you are getting in Uipath? If it is 200 or 201, then the response is correct @Shree_Vybhavi

Yes i tried in postman but got an error message saying “Error parsing the query”.

Are you sure you are passing the body correctly?

Yeah… It did work for other URLs without apostrophe.

Post man will take %27, can you try replacing it and check the response ?

And what is the status code you are getting in UiPath request?

In uipath i’m getting error code as 400

Sorry for late @Shree_Vybhavi,

  1. Can you try storing the URL in a variable and give it to URL field

  2. and one more solution, before the apostrophe give it as \’

You got any response in postman?

Hey all found the solution , should give “%5C%27” for apostrophe and for “&” give “%5C%26”.


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