How to handle a large amount of customized SAP pop-ups that change frequently

Hi! We are struggling to get past the many, customized, ever-changing pop-ups that we experiencing when trying to automate a customer-facing SAP application (GCC). Some pop-ups are titled “Information” and we can click through, but the bots are failing frequently due to new pop-ups being added. One suggestion was to have a child process that can be triggered upon bot failure to check for and resolve any new pop-ups, but this will add significant time to each bot run. Any other suggestions?

I have a similar issue with our CRM database, there is often pop-ups that I’ve never seen before come up during operation.

I try to code as many of them into the bot as possible. But a lot of the time I can make the selector dynamic and basically find the “OK” button regardless of the other text/window title. Maybe try sticking something in a loop to continue clicking on “OK” button and use a wildcard * for the window title etc.
ie. "DO WHILE ButtonExists=True, Click OK button, Delay 1 sec, Element exist OK Button… "
Sometimes I add a timer so I include an “Assign counter = counter+1” and also add a condition “WHILE ButtonExists=True and counter>30” effectively making that a 30 second timer. So it doesn’t loop forever.