How to handle a exception if excel contains empty row

Hi all , if i have an empty cell( eg .emp id) of excel i need to copy the entire row of the missed cell and need to paste in the new excel with addition of new header as exception ! for each itreation i must find out this handle this.
how should i slove this?
i/p file :

excepted result :

i need to get the missed cells of entire row in new excel !

attachment : test.xlsx (12.4 KB)

Follow this steps to Filter data…

  1. Read excel file by using read range activity and store the output as dt.
    2.To filter missed cell data used filter data table activity and store the output in dt1
    3.use dt1 in for each row and assign exception column as emp id is missing.
    4.then use write range activity to write the filter data in excel file. (30.4 KB)

Thanks its working as i expected:)

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Hi sorry , i ve one more doubt ! when i read a DT as DataRow if emp id found(there in the cell) i need to open the appropriate site to enter if not need to handle exception as we discussed above. how must i implement ?? ( am i need to use try catch for this )

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1.use dt in for each row activity.
2.Then use if condition…
to check empId is empty or not.
3.If row contains EmpId then it goes into else part and you can use open browser activity.
4.In then part you can filter the datatable and write into new excel sheet. (31.5 KB)

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let me check this zip :slight_smile:

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