How to handel popup window?

how to Handel popup window, I try to type some data in that window I send screen shoot

please tell how to handle this

HY @Chethan_P,

You could try the ‘attach window’ activity and type the files into it. Try that


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can u please explain, i try it i get error.

Hy @Chethan_P,

What error message to you see? Show me a print screen

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sorry now i try i get thanks for the solution the error is in selector


I believe that a page like facebook must work very very had to avoid being managed by a robot, I think it is not a good example for you to study.

Please try another website, ok?


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@William_Blech_Sister you know how to do froward the call using uipath for an example i get a call to moffice lan its connect to server if some clinte call us mnz it will covert automatical to the employee who take care of it

you know how to do

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