How to group two colomn data in uipath

Hi Team,

I have a data tab,le like this

id role
1 admin
1 manager
2 director
3 hr

i want to group to group by id

output should be like below

id role
1 admin
2 Director
3 HR

Hi @cheersrpa,
Columns and cells are the most common topics :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure that you can check our forum for many useful solutions about it:

Hi @cheersrpa

How about using the Sort Data Table activity? It will sort the data in an ascending order so all the records that starts with that particular number will be closer to each other. I think that would be the best option for you…

Let know whether this helps

Hi @cheersrpa,

If you want your output to be grouped by id then, you can use pivot table and build your output accordingly.

If you use pivot table the output looks like this