How to Group by Columns and Sum

I’m stuck in this passage.
I have to compare two tables, collected on two web pages.
In a table, the data is compacted.
In the other they are open by line.

From site 1:

Purchase_Order Line # Submitted Amt TimeSheet
0410008151 1 3500 2733
0410026193 1 274530,36 10905

From Site 2:

Purchase_Order Line # Submitted Amt TimeSheet
0410008151 1 3500 2733
0410026193 1 6051,12 10905
0410026193 1 64175,73 10905
0410026193 1 15128,96 10905
0410026193 1 7324,88 10905
0410026193 1 72469,2 10905
0410026193 1 75766,98 10905
0410026193 1 33613,49 10905

I need to group by Purchase_Order and PO_Line,
and add the related ammounts.

Then I have to compare the two tables.

TableCompare.xlsx (9,7 KB)

I have no experience.
Can anyone help me in this?

@AaronMark, Hi

Please check this, it might help you solve this issue:

The pack has an activity that allows you to group by aggregation, just specify the column which you want to group by and the column which you want to aggregate.

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Hi Senzo,
thank you for your suggestion.
I was reading, but I am unfamiliar with UIPath.
Can you give me a hand? I’m stuck here and I can’t keep going.

It seems not to work.
Maybe a Submitted Amt format to edit?
the Submitted Amt column is created as a Decimal and then converted as it-IT

The job requires me to compact data into the “Snow” sheet,
(group by “Concat” and sum of “Submitted Amp”)
and verify that it matches the total on the Coupa sheet.


GroupByAggregation.xaml (8,5 KB) 10905-Timesheet_Found.xlsx (13,1 KB)

Can Help me ? :expressionless:

Should be naming issue only,after switch to SubmittedAmt,it works fine.

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We received the same error with BalaReva. Please see the response from ganesh4

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Hello everybody.
Sorry for the delay in my reply.
I found the notifications to this very old request.

I solved it, but in a different way.

Not being able to use Excel Application Scope, not being able to use unofficial packages, I imported the table into the database, then, with some Queries I worked the output as needed.

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Hi, Lin,
as I said, I solved it by importing the data to a database, and then aggregating it with a SQL query.

After collecting the data and creating the table,
I import everything on DB.

In my flow, I first clean up the table from the previous processing.

Then, then, with a query, SUM and AGGREGATE.

My Query:

“SELECT concat(TimeSheet,PurchaseOrder,PO_Line,sum(Submitted)) as Concat
FROM rpd_bot1_snowcoupa_outsnow
TimeSheet = '”+TimeSheetPA+“’ AND PurchaseOrder = '”+PurchaseOrderPA+“’

In your example, if I understand correctly:
SUM of image
and double grouf of image and image

Man, I have expended hours trying to solve it until I see your comment! thanks so much!