How to grab whole page content and put it to the one cell of csv file

I tried data scrapping but not working because whole content are not inside the table

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Data scrapping will not work because it requires pattern to capture the data.

Try web recorder, Use select & Copy text which allows you select the content you want from the page, then Open the csv file , Use send hotkey command to paste. Hope this helps

It doesn’t work.

Use Screen Scraping and indicate on screen. Then change the scraping method to OCR. Now the whole content can be extracted.

Which variable type I can use to save the whole page. Also page has scroll. It captures the visible screen or I have to do several screen scrapping to grab whole page

Hello @Javad_Neisiany,

1)Please do screen scrapping of the while screen
2)use write cell option and add it to a cell in the excel.

Happy automation :slight_smile:

Can you please explain in more details