How to grab info inside a page using open browser

Using Scraping data i created a datatable with title, link and price.
For each link in datatable i want to grab a reference inside this url open by browser.
I can see that all url are able to open but i can read only reference from the first page not one by one .

Do you have any example how to do this?

Hi @uiNew

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Can u elaborate ur query on what u mean by reference?

Thank you for your quich reply .

image i this list of product i want to get general info found here ( and what i see here already i have stored in datatable like title, url, price )

The by clicking url one by one i want to get ean code ![image|690x161]


in the end all data i want to put in a json .

Json has all other data ok, but ean code is stored only the ean code of first product …are not related well


For the first page, You can try using Data Scrapping, For the link extract the url

Once you done with Datascrapping, now you will have the URL stored in datatable

Use For Each Row activity to loop into Datatable, Inside that keep a open browser in open browser give the url as example row(“ColumnName”).ToString

Once it’s done, Use Get Text activity to get the text of the page opened

Hope this helps you


Hi @uiNew regarding ean code did u Check that selector part of for extraction of ean code

as a new user i can’t update the file so i’m sending printscreen from the project.

I think the problem can be that maybe need another for each after browser open …not sure ,
but the fact that first each code is reading selector is ok i suppose.

I will appreciate a lot your help. Thank you!

please could you help me ?


Sure, Attach your workflow


/////GrabfromWeb_V2.xaml - Google Drive as new user can’t do attachement take this link please


I saw your flow, Which element you are using for Get Text activity?



As the Get Text selector is not dynamic and using idx to identify that’s causing the issue, can you tell me which element you are trying to capture the text, So that i will try to check and rectify


value col-xs-7 i using this class to take ean code


Which one in the image?

Is it EAN ?



Check attached
GrabfromWeb_V2.xaml (26.2 KB)

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