How to go next page without click activity

Is there any other option other than CLICK ACTIVITY so that we can go to NEXT page while doing DATA SCRAPPING IN UIPATH

Hi , For Data scraping, you should provide value for the next link selector in the property as selector attributes (try indicating options available in ur application for example -arrow, NEXT) so that bot can do pagenation automatically.

Hope this helps , @swati_nagar

Thanks for the reply, i am using below selector for arrow key(>) , but it is also clicking on the arrow button (>), so can you suggest any other way or do i need to change in the below selector.


The chosen element looks good , I would suggest to look for other properties in selector in UIExplorer , you can try other Techniques and Highlight. …

Also provide some timegap in property of Data scraping

“but it is also clicking on the arrow button (>),”-Bot will reach to end of page , by clicking on it , but as a part of pagenation. No separate click activity is required to do so, if pagenated element is shown in DataScraping activity.