How to go line by line in an UL that looks like a table?

I am working with an UL that looks like a table, how can i go through each li and perform activities in it. I know when we work with tables we can modify the selectors so that you can go down each row. I’m uploading an example, in the attached (it’s a screenshot of UiPath and it’s a table)but let’s pretend it’s an UL and i need to go through each LI, and get the href attribute of each of the topic headings. But I’m having difficulties scrolling through each LI. Thank you in advance for your help!!

In a lot of cases we can do a retrieval with data scraping / table extraction.
In other cases also find children / for each ui element can be used

@ppr thank you but how do i scroll/loop through each li?

with data scraping / table extraction get returned a datatable and get loop it e.g. for each row
find children output can be used for a for each loop
for each ui element per se let us loop

Maybe you can share the url, so we can adress more individually

Hi there @ppr thank you for your help! I used the Data Scraping feature and it had what i needed…it returned the url of the element i was looking at. so now i have a datatable with two columns, column one is ‘Header’ and column two is ‘Header URL’. how do i just output the rows in column two ‘Header URL’ . thank you once again in advance!

for exploration purpose / quick start
For each row (in datatable) activity: row in YourDataTableVar activtiy:

  • log message activity - row("Header URL").toString

Also have a look here to get some trainings in case of some concepts are unknown:
Header URL’

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@ppr thank you it worked!! Yes I’m a bit rusty…i used develope a bit back…but like i said im a bit rusty but appreciate your help and patience!!

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