How to go down recursively (looping) in vSphere

Hello guys,

I want to go down recursively and automatically at the host and clusters tab (the blue one in the picture), and then take the text like guest os, compability, etc.

Any idea how to do it? Thank you.


If you want to get text from guest os and compatibility, you can use anchor base activity and use find image image and get text inside anchor base

Hi @anil5,
Thank you for your reply. Do you know how to looping (always go down) on the host and clusters tab after I get the text from the summary?


Can you be more specific, what you are trying to achieve.

if you look at the picture(just an example pic), see the blue icons on the left. what i’m trying to achieve : at h5c-v2.15… copy the Guest OS, Compability, IP, DNS, etc(on the right) to notepad/excel, and then automaticly go down to NewVMFromCLD…(on the left) and do the same thing again (copy paste), and repeat again until there’s no blue icon left