How to give reply to same mail chain through outlook by adding today's date in the subject?

Please help!


I guess that you need to read chain of email, will get mailmessage variables.
use for each over mailmessage
For Each mail in mailmessage {
if mail.subject.contains(“abc”) {
send email with modified subject with today’s date
provide mail.body to body of email

I need date in subject of reply mail

whenever I am replying to the same mail…I need today’s date in subject of it also…


Okay… you can write it in subject of mail send activity.


but @Pankaj.Patil I am using Reply outlook mail activity as I wanna reply to same mail chain…not send a new mail…if u can help

@anjasing ,

If you are using MailMessage as the transaction item, then you can try to update the MailMessage subject as mailMessage.Subject + DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

Can you reply in a little brief?


Try something like,