How to give Date Format for argument in the form in create formtask

Hi , can any one please help me
I have a scenario,
table is coming form apps and that table will send to actionsender through create form task
so here how to give argument for the column type- dateformat(because the input table column has date format)

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Have you tried with system.datetime?

no ,but that table is coming from dataservice, in that only date format is there, ok i will try with system.datetime

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Hi @panguluri_saritha

You can try like below.

Thank you.

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instead of taking single column, i am taking total table

step1. created table

step2. taken a edit grid and changed filed keys with table column names (Data service column names)

step3: taken a in argument with name field key table and value indt from apps(when clicking button run that process and in inputoveride indt=dataservicedt
step4 but the data in the actioncenter not displayed here

please help me how to enter dataservice table to action center

can you please help me, for the below screenshots as reference

can you please help me for below screenshots as reference