How to give auto replay for particular mail only

Hello how to give auto replay for a particular mail only
for an example, I need to give replay who will send the subject like (Bug find your company profile or I need to talk with your executive) like this how to write a code for this
anyone help to resolve this, please

Hi Chethan,
You can do it using below steps:

  1. Get your required mail using filter one subject/From/…
    How to filter messages in Get outlook mail messages
  2. if you are expecting multiple mails with the subject use For each and loop through the result from above step
  3. in for each use reply to activity, for more information on reply to activity

Happy Coding :slight_smile:


If that is your complete use case, I would go with an Outlook rule instead - Here is a decent tutorial to do it.
Would be easier than running a robot in the background all the time, and you can still process the received emails with it, in case you need to.


no i need in smtp not in outlook mail and could you please tell how to download the files or CV or PDF in particular folder