How to give allow to this popup

how to give Allow to this popup in uipath
i’ve tried giving hotkey,its not working
even i tried to click text ,it talking full selector ,i cant indicate element on Allow button

or there is anyother way to give permission to download multiple file download by uipath
please help me out its urgent

Try sending hot keys like enter or escape to close the pop ups @brindhaS, No problem to send the hot key multiple times. And give some delay before downloading

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yeah ive given esc key but it not allowing me to download file
it showing download blocked
ive have to give Allow

Try giving enter @brindhaS,

if it doesn’t works, use a try catch activity and inside that

  1. Element exists to check if the pop up exists
  2. If exists, click Allow button,
  3. Else continue

it selecting full selector when i hover to Allow

giving key’ tab’ then ‘Enter’ it works

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