How to give a path of desktop or any directory in remote desktop(Server)

Hi guys,

I need to monitor the file using file change trigger for that i need to give a path right.
while i am giving the exact path by copy paste it was shown like the file name is invalid.
So that got some info from the forum and i used Environment.specialfolder.desktop and the filename. After execution error was
for an example “\Cpfkinjefn\comapnydIR01$\username\documents\uipath\blankprocess1\desktop\filename”
If i am saving that file in this exact directory and also it was throwing like
error The directory name \Cpfkinjefn\comapnydIR01$\username\documents\uipath\blankprocess1\desktop\filename is invalid

I dont know why it was searching the folder desktop directory inside the path of uipath file documents.
Tellme how can i access this path : “\Cpfkinjefn\comapnydIR01$\username\desktop\filename”



you can use CMD to navigate to the folder that you want

you can use (by maximizing your RDP, send hot key and Windows+R )
(click start menu type cmd and press enter )
then type your folder location and send enter

You can also use Citrix Recording to achieve this.

ok bro thank you so much it was done !!
BUt i am getting an error
The directory name \Cpfkinjefn\comapnydIR01$\username\documents\uipath\blankprocess1\desktop\filename is invalid
What mistake i did?

Have you tried inserting variables to replace the actual value for ‘username’ and ‘filename’?

will you tell me why i have to use a variable anyway that variable also going to be a String only right ?

Oh! I mentioned that because I assumed that the line you pasted was what you received at face value.

Have you tried checking the properties of the file and see if the path matches the one you’re using?

Yeah bro it was there !!!

Did you try using the full path instead of just partially?

Sorry I didn’t get what it means full path !

Meaning you insert the entire name. For example documents is = “C:\Users\Username\Documents”

Yeah @strqsr i understand i am using a client desktop so \Cpfkinjefn\comapnydIR01$\username\documents\uipath\blankprocess1\desktop\filename this is my full path

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did you update your packages in uipath?

Also try this thread maybe it can help you: I want to run my script from cmd. Can anyone please tell the end to end process

Fine, no worries
if possible can i have a view on the filepath been mentioned in the studio
Cheers @Sriram07

Hello @Sriram07

If you want to access a remote directory then first you need to map the directory to your local computer then you can use it by giving path in uipath.

To map remote path you can do it in two ways
Manually and also using cmd (using net use command)


Yeah sure @Palaniyappan i sharing my workflow also here let me know how can i handle this file change trigger when the file Changed.Ex1.xaml (5.3 KB)

@Ajju @strqsr @loginerror

Help me what was the mistake ?

hello @Sriram07

first map the drive to your local system, and then give the path inside the File change trigger activity


Hi @Sriram07

Use assign activity with strvar=Directory.getfiles(the pathname)