How to give a excel cell value as input range to split pdf as range

Hi @balupad14 Need assistance to split pdf based on range. With using Balareva.pdfactivites Iam able split pdf with entering range by manualy. my concen is insted manual entering. I have a excel cell with range details in required format. So how can I pass the cell value as input for split range
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@VB_Tech_pro - is this continuation to the below post??

Hi @prasath17 yes the request is continution of below post and further separate request given project is working fine as 99.99+% in that smal concern is there. Example actual file size is 100KB with 14 pages after spliting pages and mering is increaseing size up to 1400KB. If the page interwell 100 number then the file may go large . So that only the concern. So please assist to set excel cell value as input for page range.

can you try this ?


Thank you


Hi thanks for revet will try let you know the status

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If you split the files manually using Bala Reva activities, what is the total file size you are getting vs the extract pdf range activity? Could you please provide the comparison results…

Hi @balupad14 hanks ti is working find and I have done some changes i.,e all the range of value i have collected in to a single cell and with excel formula and assigned cell value to page Range

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Hi @prasath17 Now Iam able split pages adding some sequence of balareva.pdfspliter to . I will provide the size comparison screenshoots


@prasath17 Below are the screenshots file size difference

As per my knowledge splitting will not affects the file size But merging will increase the file size

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