How to getnumber of images true in parallel activity

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I am using parallel activity

In Parallel activity has 4 image exists activities
I want to know how many images are true

I need count.can any help me out how to do this one.

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True means do you mean like exists or not
if so we can validate that with a if condition
–the output of the image exists is a boolean variable and we can mention that in if condition like
out_boolean = True
if true will go to THEN part where we get the count like this with a assign activity
counter = counter + 1
where counter is a int32 variable with default value of 0 in it
–then use a writeline activity next to if condition mentioning like this

Kindly correct me if i m wrong with the question
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@Palaniyappan Yes you’re correct can I get sample work flow it will be grateful.

In parallel activity I have 4 images exist activities and out of how many images true I want to know with the count

If out of 4 2 images exist means count should be 2

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Here you go
Hope this will help you (5.1 KB)

Cheers @Naveen.Ch

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