How to get "Web Password" from Windows "Credential Manager"?

Using “Get secure credential” activity works great with ‘Generic Credential’ available under ‘Windows Credential’ (example: Target: “MyCred”, CredentialType: Generic, PersistenceType: Enterprise).

The same activity is not working for me when I try to get “Web Passwords” available under “Web Credentials” (example: Target: “”, CredentialType: Generic, PersistenceType: Enterprise). Have tried all combinations with CredentialType & PersistenceType (eventhough some combinations may not make sense). Do I need to provide Target string in some specific format? What am I missing?

I’m not sure this is designed to work. As far as I am aware the only options for getting credentials are Windows Credentials Manager (using Get Secure Credential) or Get Credentials which references Orchestrator.

@ovi could you confirm please? I may be wrong.


Thanks for the response @richarddenton. “Web Credentials” are one of the two categories inside the “Windows Credential Manager”.

Yeah I’m not sure if that’s supported sorry.

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Hi guys,

For now Get secure credential activity only works with Windows Credentials(the option under the Credential Manager) and not Web Credentials.

@Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae can you please provide more details about this one?