How to get "Web Password" from Windows "Credential Manager"?



Using “Get secure credential” activity works great with ‘Generic Credential’ available under ‘Windows Credential’ (example: Target: “MyCred”, CredentialType: Generic, PersistenceType: Enterprise).

The same activity is not working for me when I try to get “Web Passwords” available under “Web Credentials” (example: Target: “”, CredentialType: Generic, PersistenceType: Enterprise). Have tried all combinations with CredentialType & PersistenceType (eventhough some combinations may not make sense). Do I need to provide Target string in some specific format? What am I missing?


I’m not sure this is designed to work. As far as I am aware the only options for getting credentials are Windows Credentials Manager (using Get Secure Credential) or Get Credentials which references Orchestrator.

@ovi could you confirm please? I may be wrong.



Thanks for the response @richarddenton. “Web Credentials” are one of the two categories inside the “Windows Credential Manager”.


Yeah I’m not sure if that’s supported sorry.


Hi guys,

For now Get secure credential activity only works with Windows Credentials(the option under the Credential Manager) and not Web Credentials.

@Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae can you please provide more details about this one?