How to get Web Browser's Tab details?

I’ve 3 tab opened in google chrome browser, Now I want to get page titles of all browser tabs.

When we attach browser, I’ve not found any variables/properties for tab in “Browser” variable.

Thanks in Advance!

Here is how to do it with IE (doesn’t work on Chrome due to a bug, thanks for let us discover it)

Use a Find Children activity

  • Leave the Target empty
  • Set Scope = FIND_TOP_LEVELS
  • Set Filter = "<html />"

and iterate through the attached collection of UiElement (browsers). See attached:
Browsers.xaml (7.1 KB)

Note1: for Chrome it should work with Filter = "<html app='chrome.exe' />"
Note2: a browser variable is a tab and not an application containing multiple tabs.


Thanks @badita, I have not get chance to look into this… I will update once I try this.