How to get vessel name if column A status is 'new'


The result :



Use a filter datatable activity and filter Status column with New and then you will have rows of only new… each can be accessed using for each row in datatable Activity

and inside the loop use currentitem("vessel").ToString


Hi @Suastrian_Dika ,

Could you check the below workflow : (3.4 KB)

As for the Steps, Introduced, we see that the data value / output required is divided into multiple rows which has it’s corresponding status assigned, but also for some of the vessel values we do not have a corresponding status assigned.

The Pattern recognised in the data is that latest status / the already available status value is applied to the previous rows, such that we will be able to match the vessel required corresponding to the Status. We also see that this logic or approach matches the Expected Output.

For Example, the Input Data above should have an Intermediate Output like below :

We can then perform the Filter and get the new status rows and get the vessel value. Here we are also considering that w is a constant word and it is to be removed from the row match.

Let us know if the assumptions are correct and the workflow is as per your requirement, if not , let us know in some more details your requirements.

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