How to get variable value to radio button in the form.activities

I have implement a robot
An i fed up to search radio button concepts
My problem is
I implement a form by using uipath.form.activities package.
But now struck with get the variable value and auto select the “form” radio button
Can i give the introduction how to achieve this ?


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Do you want to get the radio button value or need to click on the radio button based on a variable value, Please elaborate. Is it a web or windows application?

I need to click on the radio button based on a variable value in windows application


HAve you tried using the “Check” activity?

You can Check, Uncheck or Toggle a Radio Button


If you combine it with an If activity you can automate your action depending on the value of a variable.

Thank you.

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Share your radio button’s selector and the option names, so that we can form a dynamic selector to click/check on it

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Thank you for details :blush:

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