How to get values from the output panel into an Excel column?

I would like to compare the values of two rows in an Excel column and if the cells of each row contain the same data it should print in the next column in Excel the result ok else in the next column it should be printed not ok. For example is the value in Cell A1 = x and in Cell B 1 = x it should be printed in Cell C1 ok. If the value in Cell A1 = x and in Cell B1 = y it should be printed not ok in C1. And that should be done for every row. So far I get the correct answer ok or not ok only in the output pannel, but I would like to print the answer from the output panel in Excel.

In the End the Excel should look like this.

Criteria 1 Criteria 2 Result
x x ok
y x not ok
y y ok

Thank you in advance:)

Hi ,

Since the input is Excel, then the 1st check can be done in Cell C1 and similar formula can be used in other cells using Auto fill range.